Xcel Energy’s Clean Energy Plan, which was approved by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission in 2022, is designed to reduce carbon emissions by nearly 85% by 2030, as well as provide Colorado customers with electricity from 80% renewable sources.

Xcel Energy

Their ultimate goal is to be a net‑zero energy provider by 2050 and provide 100% carbon‑free electricity to customers. And, Xcel promises to do all of this while maintaining affordable, reliable energy service.

One way Xcel aims to achieve these goals is by offering several rebates for customers that make home energy-efficient upgrades and improvements, including:
  • $1,500 for installing an efficient air‑source heat pump
  • $2,000 for installing a cold-climate heat pump
  • $600 for installing a heat pump water heater
  • $800 for installing a “smart” heat pump water heater
  • $1,300 for upgrading your home wiring for a Level 2 electric vehicle charging station

And, Xcel’s rebates are also stackable with local and federal government utility rebates and credits, which means even more money in your pocket!

It’s also important to know that these rebates can only be applied to appliance models on their approved efficiency list, and supplied through qualified contractors, like Simply Mechanical.

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We are a proud Xcel Energy Registered Contractor and can help you make these cost-saving and energy-saving upgrades.