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Furnace Tune-Up in Denver, CO

Here to help your Denver, CO home’s HVAC system operate at its peak efficiency, Simply Mechanical bring quality furnace tune-up services throughout all of Denver. When you take care of your home’s furnace, it returns the favor by providing you with the most efficient heating for your entire home. Running smoothly and efficiently helps save you money on energy bills as well as guarantees that you’re getting the quality heating you depend on.

As Denver’s trusted HVAC contractor, our technicians have the right tools and knowledge to get you the most out of your home’s furnace. With furnace maintenance, furnace repairs, and the all-important furnace tune-up, we help keep your home comfortable year-round no matter what the Colorado weather throws your way.

When your furnace needs a furnace tune-up, contact the professional team of certified HVAC experts at Simply Mechanical at (720) 231-0671 and experience the quality HVAC services we pride ourselves on!

An Energy Efficient Home

When your home’s furnace isn’t functioning properly or smoothly, it can cause heating issues throughout your home as well as cost you more on your monthly bills. An energy-efficient, and smoothly running furnace can provide benefits that go beyond reliable heating for your home.

With HVAC technology advancing rapidly, getting the most out of your heater tune-up or maintenance can help you get more heating power while using less energy. Saving you money on energy bills that can add up over the months. Regularly scheduled furnace tune-ups can help even older heater units run more efficiently, helping you enjoy the comforts of a warm home all year long.

Go-To Furnace Tune-Up Services

Simply Mechanical HVAC experts take pride in the work that they provide the residents of Denver, CO. Ongoing training so that we’re always ahead of the HVAC curve to provide you with the best service for your furnace and HVAC needs. We’re the right team, with the right tools and skills that you need when it comes to getting the absolute most out of your furnace tune-ups. 

Tune-Up Checklist

With professional furnace and heater tune-ups, a certified HVAC technician can ensure that your unit is safe, efficient, and operating at its very best. Giving you the most efficient heating for your home while prolonging the lifespan of your unit.

Some of the things that our certified technicians will look for when performing a furnace tune-up are included on a tune-up checklist. The checklist includes things such as:

  • Lubricate motor bearings and other parts
  • Adjust fans and belts
  • Check electrical connections and voltage
  • Inspect the heat exchanger
  • Test the exhaust system
  • Inspect the burner
  • Verify and adjust gas pressure
  • Test the ignition system
  • Verify controls and calibrate the thermostat
  • Change out the air filter

Heating System Tune-Up

Many furnace manufacturers require annual maintenance and tune-up services from a qualified HVAC technician to stay within their warranty. Our team at Simply Mechanical understands the importance of maintaining your furnace as well as keeping it within its warranty. 

That’s why we provide only quality heating tune-up services that keep your heat flowing while giving you peace of mind knowing that you’ll still be covered by your furnace’s warranty.

Furnace Maintenance & Repairs

Going beyond the general heating tune-up, your furnace may require additional furnace maintenance or furnace repairs to operate as it should. We’re able to get your heating unit back to warming up your Denver home in no time with superior furnace repairs and maintenance services.

When a furnace tune-up isn’t quite enough, we’ll discuss with you how we can help you get the most out of your heating system with trusted repairs and maintenance. Our goal is to provide you with all of the HVAC heating services you need to weather the frigid Colorado winters.

Experienced Furnace Tune-Up Professionals

Combining our experience with a passion for all things HVAC, we’re proud to service the Denver, CO area with top-notch furnace tune-ups and services that can help keep your home warm and cozy year-round. 

We’re the HVAC contractor that you can trust when it comes to getting you the services you need to battle the unpredictable Colorado weather. Rain or shine, we’re here to keep your home’s HVAC system operating smoothly with superior furnace tune-up services that you can rely on.

So when it’s time to schedule your home’s furnace tune-up, contact the team of professional HVAC technicians at Simply Mechanical at (720) 231-0671 and experience firsthand why we’re your local Denver area HVAC experts.