When it comes to replacing a very outdated boiler, you want a professional who can recommend the best replacement boiler and install it correctly. The technicians at Simply Mechanical are boiler specialists and understand boilers inside and out. Below is an example of a much-needed boiler replacement, the original was from 1914!

Model of Old Boiler: American Radiator Company (ARCO)

Model of New Boiler Installed: Lochinvar Noble. This is a combination boiler that provides heating as well as on-demand potable hot water.

Benefits of the New Model: Lower operating costs for both heating and potable hot water. It eliminates the need for a chase housing a flue (common vent) through the center of the house because we direct the vent out the side of the home. It’s particularly helpful when remodeling to eliminate that chase. Lastly, the configuration of this new model also frees up a lot of floor space.

Unique Aspects of This Particular Job: Asbestos must be removed before we start. These old boilers are wrapped in it and so are the pipes. People who have these systems must get the asbestos removed right away because in an emergency replacement, we can’t start the job and get the new boiler up and running until the abatement is done, and that can take weeks in a cold snap. Also, these boilers need to be broken up with sledgehammers and removed in smaller pieces because they are so heavy. This type of job also usually requires an electrician to make a dedicated circuit. Typically, old boilers require quite a few code upgrades due to regulatory changes like the Clean Air Act, chimney protection, electrical norms, and combustion air.

Replacing a 1914 ARCO Boiler

New, Efficient Lochinvar Boiler

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