High velocity air vent

What is High Velocity HVAC and When is it Used?

If it seems like you’re hearing the term “high velocity HVAC” more often, it’s not your imagination. It’s coming up in the HVAC world more and more for a few reasons: the benefits it offers homeowners, the ease of installation, and the energy efficiency it provides. What Is a High Velocity HVAC System? Unlike traditional…

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opening american standard furnace

10 Tasks Included in a Furnace Tune-up and Why They Are Important

Colorado’s weather is known for being somewhat of a seesaw, especially during the shoulder seasons. Even though we may have 70+ degree fall days, we know the cold and snow could happen any day that follows. When it’s time to fire up your furnace and heat your home, you want it to be ready to…

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american standard twinned furnaces

Do You Need Boiler Service, or Furnace Repair? How to Know What’s in Your Utility Room

At some point in your life, you may find yourself standing in a utility room and wondering, “Just what am I looking at?” You might be touring a house or commercial building you’re interested in buying, or you might think it’s time for furnace repair or boiler service, but you aren’t sure what kind of…

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