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Should I Replace or Repair My AC?

To maintain a cool and comfortable home throughout the Denver, CO summers, you’ll need to keep up with your home’s air conditioning system. Like most appliances, however, there comes a time when your AC unit is going to be beyond basic repair services and require professional replacement. So when the time comes to repair or…

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High velocity air vent

What is High Velocity HVAC and When is it Used?

If it seems like you’re hearing the term “high velocity HVAC” more often, it’s not your imagination. It’s coming up in the HVAC world more and more for a few reasons: the benefits it offers homeowners, the ease of installation, and the energy efficiency it provides. What Is a High Velocity HVAC System? Unlike traditional…

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air conditioner installation

What to Budget for a New Central Air Conditioning System in Your Home

If you’re ready to look at replacing your old air conditioner or adding air conditioning to a home that has not previously had it, the first thing you are likely thinking about is the cost. Beyond the cost of a new air conditioning unit, your unique situation and home will determine additional costs involved. Our…

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The Dos and Don’ts of Basic Air Conditioning Maintenance Tasks

Your air conditioner is like many things in your home: you don’t think a thing about it until it stops working and causes inconvenience. To ensure your air conditioner keeps running smoothly there are some basic and easy things you can do to prolong its life. We’ll start with what you should do, and end…

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30-year-old air conditioner

From the Field: Old Air Conditioner Loses its Cool

Sometimes, our technicians go on an air conditioning repair visit and find an unexpected issue. In this case, it was a 30+ year-old air conditioner that had most definitely lost its cool–in more ways than one. The homeowners had experienced the breaker tripping on their electrical box several times and after a brief inspection, our…

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Home Temperature Hack: How to Even Out the Air Conditioning in Your Home

In the late 1980s and into the early 2000s, our technicians would often be laughed at if they said a Denver home needed air conditioning! Many people living in the Denver area didn’t used to have air conditioning in their homes. How things have since changed! If you have lived in Colorado for a while you…

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air conditioning service visit

The 9 Steps of an Air Conditioning Service Visit

Your air conditioner becomes very important to you during the middle of the Colorado summer. The last thing you want is for it to fail when you need it most. The best way to ensure your air conditioner won’t give you a bad surprise is by scheduling an annual service visit in the spring or…

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Homeowners setting thermostat

The Most Important Feature of an Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

As a Colorado homeowner you most likely want two things from your air conditioner: high performance during the summer, and energy efficiency. You expect your air conditioner to work well and keep you comfortable during the hot months, but you don’t want that to come at the price of a high energy bill. There are…

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American Standard Platinum 18 Air Conditioner

Top 5 Issues Fixed with Air Conditioning Service

Even though Colorado doesn’t have a very hot climate, the summertime is the busiest season for Simply Mechanical. That’s because it’s much easier to pile on clothes and blankets in the winter if you’re cold, than it is to cool down in your house when the weather is hot. We all want to be comfortable…

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